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boob-over; Semilar to the "comb-over" as with a loss of one boob a female will wear a tube top and slosh a purtion of the remaining tit sidesways so as to give the impression there is a full pair hiding under her blouse.
Tony; Yeah, so like, I thought I was gunn'a get lucky with Amilia and when I reached into her tubetop for a little feel...like shit man, out pops this one big saggy tit.

Lee; What, are you kidding? So what happened to the other one, a tit-ectemy?

Tony; Donn'o dude. It was the wierdes't thing ever. Like a boob comb-over.

Lee; That's so sick! Chicks with one tit should just face being bald chested instead of doing that gross boob-over thing. Eueeeww!
by urban bandit February 05, 2011
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