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a gathering of ONLY men. Activites during mandates include cruising, playing madden, going to wendy's. When one is one a mandate, one must show the mandate symbol. This is done by crossing the middle finger and the ring finger so the hand resembles an "M".
Damn that mandate was off the hook
by Urban Dictionary January 14, 2004
144 58
A nice, awesome, extremely popular dude. Who controls everything. Owns everything. Everyone gives him everything. He's awesome. Simply awesome.

Taha is a geed killing warrior. Ruthless and brave.
John: Did you see Joe the other day?
Sam: No, what was he doing?

John: Tearing that geed village apart.

Sam: What a Taha!
by Urban Dictionary October 13, 2011
134 49
General population a public place
I'm moving you to gen pop.
by Urban Dictionary March 21, 2007
128 43
Brown, proud, slick, fast, smart, hard-working, caring, loving and sincere people originating from the Philippines.
Putang inang shiet!!!
by Urban Dictionary May 31, 2005
2133 2047
When someone is sleeping or passed out and another person spreads his/hers buttocks cheeks and goes on to sit on the sleeping person face. These steps may be repeated a number of times until the person awakes to take a bite of this festive mexican treat of anus.
Cam drank so much he passed out and didn't wake up until I gave him 43 dirty tacos.
by Urban Dictionary April 26, 2003
130 46
arch nemesis of no homo
"i wanna suck his dick, no homo"
"yes homo, yo"
by Urban Dictionary November 30, 2006
126 45
a beastly animal which is abnormally large.
look at that girl shes a behemoth
by Urban Dictionary February 07, 2005
128 47