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A is for Alone, emos are known for this, but sometimes its just to go free of problems and sway with the music.

B is for Band, many emos are in a garage band.

C is for caring. Emos arent afraid to show their emotions, and they say I love you and mean it. They are much more caring then the modern jock azz.

D is for delicate. Emos are the very rare type of boy that will give you a gentle kiss and be happy, rather then digging into the pants or bra.

E is for emotion, emos show them very well and don't hide them at all. You don't have to go through days to know their personality.

F is for fuckers, all of those people who call all emos 'Gay cutters' Get your facts straight kids.

G is for grand, emos are truly a grand sight for your eyes!

H is for heart. Amazing! Girls listen to this, most emos auctually have one! O_O

I is for intimate. Trust me, emos can be very intimate.

J is for 'Just another stereotype' They have many definitions and opinions, just like all of the other labels out there.

K is for Kiss, and may I mention, they are great at it!

L is for love. Not lust like other guys, but love.

M is for make-up. Some emos wear eyeliner and black nailpolish. This is not gay or bi. Its just hott. Get over yourselves people and accept the truth.

N is for Never. He never hugs to tight, he never walks away when you cry on his shoulder, he never presses you to do something for his pleasure.

O is for only you. If you date one of these rare boys, it is a rare occurence if they cheat.

P is for paper heart. It takes alot for one of these guys to trust a girl, if that girl hurts him, you can almost hear the shredder coming out.

Q is for quest. These boys know their goal in life, and they go toward it.

R is for rain. Rain plays a big part- often they write poems when it rains. Also, their beautiful hair looks perfect in the rain.

S is for she. There are also such a thing as emo girls, some people don't understand.

T is for true. Forget Rihanna and her songs for a moment people. Emos are very true, and loyal. Kindof like a trustworthy dog. O_o

U is for unknown. Most of the 'real emos' are unknown, as there are way too many posers out there.

V is for Vishue, and many other bands that you never heard of. These boys find the unknown, and they treasure it.

W is for Why. Why yet another label? And where. Where did it all start?

X is for XXX. Emos make a new much more modern and better definition for XXX.

Y is yum. Just... yum.

Z is for (as 'panic at the gay bar' said) Zooming in with their camera, because they are a talented photographer who always has the perfect balancing shots.
Person 1 (one of the many 'fuckers'): Oh my god! Look, that guy has shaggy hair! {aka 'emo' hair} He writes lame poetry and cuts his wrists and cries all the time.
Person 2: Dude, your stereotyping again...Read the emo alphabet...
Person 3: *runs up to 'emo' and joins many other girls* Ohmigawd! Your like, so like, totally hawt! Will you go out with me?
by UrNightmare *mwahahahaha* July 14, 2006

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