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a rare and miraculous event, remember the levels of french national security are
1. run
2. hide
3. surrender
4. collaborate
good one but really...
by ur mom November 26, 2004
She also talks soo much and it's soo annoying...hah it funny there are so many people that literally talk behind her back. Her clothes are way too small for her, they do make bigger sizes HUN! lol...shes also kinda chunky... if she spent as much time running as she does putting on makeup then she would prolly weigh like 60 pounds! LOL!!
Her purity ring means NOTHING to her...shes going to hell!!
by Ur Mom February 01, 2005
Someone of asian decent that acts black or "ghetto"
"wazup ma asian Jigga!"
by UR MOM February 19, 2003
an extended period of time (a long time)
It's been a hot second since I've seen you!
by ur mom March 11, 2005
Jeebus is a word in place of jesus it works just as well
HOLY ba Jeebus!!!
by ur mom September 24, 2003
1.music where u the singers scream and u cant understand the words
2. the best type of music ever
mayhem,cradle of filth, canniable corpse, behemoth, naglfar
by ur mom March 21, 2005
someone whos rubs the boobs of the female partner....if u catch my drift
Jake, you'r such a god damn melon farmer.
by Ur MOM November 21, 2003

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