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a 1987 ford ranger or any other vehicle that is beat up and owned by a guatemalan or guat. This vehicle is usually packed with illegal immigrants such as guats, cubans, columbians, El Salvadorians, and many other types of wetbacks.
Brian:There goes ron in the guatmobile.
Me:yeah, what a piece of shit. It should be illegal to drive that shit in public.
by ur mom March 02, 2005
i am not needing a bj right now. come back later u nigga.
Hey billy. Jimmy says "Bounce ur shizzle off his hizzle my nizzle!" he wants u latta.
by ur mom May 06, 2003
a creasing of the anus after exessive boneing
you are a batty crease!!!!
by ur mom April 10, 2003
smack= crack
tard= retart

smacktard= retart on crack
omfg!!!! u damn tk'in smacktard.
by ur mom March 30, 2004
to not have hooked up with someone before. Depruded means to have hooked up w/ some1
"dude ur not prude anymore, was it good?"
by ur mom June 09, 2004
Australian for a hard on, erection or whatever you want to call it
Oh man that porn gave me the biggest stag
by Ur MOM February 15, 2005
a vaginal fart that smells like shit!
u fuckin queef muffin!!
by ur mom April 07, 2005

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