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One of the most scenic areas of the United States. IS NOT ALL HICKS. Has 4 metropolitan areas with over a million people.... Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany. We ARE NOT all bunkins. I live in a picture perfect suburb in which 65% of people age 25 and over have at least a bachelors degree. People from NYC like to make fun of upstate because unlike them, we weren't stupid enough to cram ourselves into a tiny area with no room to spread out. So what do they do? The try and invade upstate NY, with their huge suburban sprawl which has now spread into southern parts of Upstate New York. Also, we ALWAYS have to say that we are from "Upstate New York", rather than just say "New York" when we are visiting other areas, because EVERYONE thinks that all of new york state is like NYC, and they ALWAYS ask "why don't you have the accent" Holy crap, people in upstate new york don't have that idiotic "new yawk" accent, we speak normal. AND LONG ISLAND IS NOT PART OF UPSTATE NEW YORK, WHATEVER DUMB FUCK THOUGHT THAT UP NEEDS TO LOOK AT A DAMN MAP!!!!!!
Upstate people are much more friendly than NYC/Long Island people.
by UpstateNyGUY July 04, 2005
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