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Dried stains of kebab juice, curry sauce or gravy all over your shirt from messy eating.
That's an impressive dinner badge you've got there. What did you eat, pizza?
by Upper Class Twit August 17, 2007
Emabarrasing divorcee bottle blond 40 something women size 16 - 18 with a false false tan that hand around nightclubs pulling 20 or 30 something black guys in the desperate hope of a long term relationship, in real terms theyre dumped after a week or her 18 yr old daughter will cop off with him the follwing friday night. Often spotted in the slightly higher class clubs. Shameful to watch but funny!
Vanessa Feltz or early 40`s recruitment consultants, estate agents, bitter divorcee`s ect

"fuck me Keith thats rought"

"deffo spade bait mate"
by Upper Class Twit August 17, 2007
Originally was a small blue fibreglass 3 wheeled trike given to disabled people on the motability scheme in the 70`s & 80`s. Nowadays a low rent piss poor people carrier such as base spec Zafira`s, Vauxhall Agila`s & the dreaded Kia Sedona in dull colours qualify as being modern Spacker Cars. You feel like a spaz when travelling in one! All you need to do is spend a grand more to get a REAL car with some credability. Every council estate has the lions share of these shitty shamefull cars.
"flippin eck, have you seen Scummy Gary`s new motor? a Kia Sedona - what a spacker car eh?"
by Upper Class Twit August 08, 2007
What indian, muslim or black elders call Western born and influenced Coloured youths ie: dark on the outside and white on the inside
"look at young Jai, shirt and tie and posh car--- propper little coconut boy"
by Upper Class Twit August 17, 2007
A carrier bag that "poor peoples" shops give out ie: Aldi Liddle Farmfood and so on. Young poor children often are riddiculed by the better classes at school for bringing books etc in the aforementioned boro briefcase in the Middlesboro , Billingham & Stockton area.

Also what scummy piss heads carry their "pop" home in. Slightly more discerning scumbags keep Tesco or Somerfield bags on them to tranship the adli booty into, so they dont look quite as scummy on the bus home!
Eyup Dave! ere comes raggy Richy with his cans in a "boro briefcase"
by Upper class twit August 06, 2007
The cunning ploy of buying the cheapest fare on the bus and sitting right at the back of upper deck in hope the driver wont see you riding 3 or more stages past where you should have got off. Often failing causing the driver to throw you off. This is often done by teenagers and pissed up nobheads coming home from the pub with on 70p left in the pocket.
" Aww fuckin ell Dave its miles home and i`m brassic" "Its allreet Kev we`ll do the top deck trick" Bang on Dave!
by Upper Class Twit August 08, 2007
A anatomically perfect bird in every form spoilt by the the fact she`s a pissed as arseoles and talking an alien jibberish form of speech the same as the actress MILA JOVOVICH in the classic 1997 Sci Fi "THE 5th ELEMENT"
"ere who was that lass you were at the bar with jeff?"

"Fuck knows Ian, I couldnt get nee fuckin sense oot of er, musta been that bird from the fifth element"

"oh reet!"
by Upper Class Twit August 17, 2007
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