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First of all who cares about the little ' after the y in Garry and second of all it is an imersive fp build whatever game that is very fun and adictive. Loads of 10 year olds and Leet speakers. Meh nothings perfect. Also spread more by word of mouth than actual blatent advertising/marketing.
Mate1: I've got garry's/garrys mod

Mate2: Never heard of it

Two weeks later

Mate two: (one hand typing) Love it oooo yeah looooove it

Mate one: OTT way over the top
by Up&Down February 11, 2008
A game for people who like (and are) 2d and have no life. Boring and you have to pay for everything but if it is a work day and your board try it a least and you might find it mildly amusing.

Also no PvP action exseft in small cases.
Also made by the guys who made adventure quest (Bler!!!)
Mate1: Have you played AQ or Mechquest?
Mate2: Have you got a life?
Mate1: Sadly no. :(
by Up&Down February 11, 2008
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