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The word "Jobby" coming from the Scottish for shit/poo, a "Jobby Jabber" concerns the act of sneaking up behind a friend/foe while pressing both hands together into a "praying" position, then forcibly ramming pointed fingers up the (fully clothed) arse of said friend/foe, shouting "JOBBY JABBER!". Remember to run away to avoid violent repurcussions; laughing is optional.
by Unwept, the Lone Magpie August 29, 2005
1. In Glasgow (Scotland), to "keep edgy" is the act of watching out for teachers/police/law-abiding citizens while another of your friends commits a crime or prank of some kind.

2. The resulting cry from said look-out, announcing that teachers/police/law-abiding citizens are approaching.
1. "Ah wiz keepin edgy for Big Tam last night while he wiz knockin' some fanny's wheel-trims".

2. *sound of approaching diesel engine announces police car approaching*


*Everybody drops what they're doing and runs, only to turn around and discover the diesel engine belonged to a Black Hack*
by Unwept, the Lone Magpie August 29, 2005
A rather obnoxious fart, trapped in a room and lingering.
"Aw man, gonnae open a window? Ah cannea even SEE through your fuckin' brown cloud never mind breath in it!"
by Unwept, the Lone Magpie December 14, 2005
A state of temporary immunity used in playground games. This immunity is initiated by a number of methods, the most common involving sticking your thumbs in the air and simply shouting "Keezees!". Thus, you are exempt from whatever game is being played, and are immune from being picked, "tagged", etc.
*bends down to tie shoe-laces as "it" person approaches*

"Ah'm keezees, by the way! Ye canny tag me!"

*"it" person slopes off dejected, in search of another victim*
by Unwept, the Lone Magpie November 15, 2006
The name given, in Glasgow at least, to a Black Hackney Taxi Cab. You know, the stereo-typical taxi that you see in London. They are the biggest rip off you'll encounter after a night out on the town, charging at least £20 for a 4 mile journey, claiming that there is a "Boundary Charge" and you've just travelled through three boundaries. Which is complete bollocks, and I should know, as my wee brother works for the company that paints them, and he knows FOR A FACT that there is no legal precedence for the "Boundary Charge". So if you're ever in the UK, NEVER get a Black Hack. Go for a local firm, they're usually half price.
"Man, I ended up walking half-way home last night, the Black Hack raped a hole in my wallet before I left the city centre!"
by Unwept, the Lone Magpie August 29, 2005
When a fart is conducted in the shower and the water running over the anus makes it sound like a duck quacking.
Friend 1: "I farted in the shower earlier and it sounded like Donald Duck laughing."

Friend 2: "SHOWER QUACK!"
by Unwept, the Lone Magpie February 10, 2012
When basic freedom like fapping anonymously is put to an end by the government giving your download history to pornographers.
The Telegraph, 27/03/12..."Thousands of O2 broadband customers will have their personal details handed to a pornographer who claims they unlawfully downloaded his films."

by Unwept, the Lone Magpie March 27, 2012
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