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SA-no-nay-ji-BAY The Japanese word that was used during the Tokyo Cat Genocide of 1983 (which is widely unrecognized by the international community as the worst ethnic cleansing of the quadrupedal feline race) its use was to describe cats that had no business in being cats... the word was used in congruence with many Asian restaurants that serve a delicious Garfield lasagna as a main course disguised as General Tso's Chicken. And in 1990 the NFAARP aka (National Feline Association Against Rape and Pillaging) filed a $30 trillion cease and desist lawsuit against the Govt of The Republic of Uganda for instigating the measures used to entrap and torture millions of innocent young cat burglars around the world. The charges were dropped in 2003 when a federal appointed judge was revealed that he was 6 calicoes in a poorly constructed man costume, and that the plaintiff and his associates were unable to build a case against the administration for they were cats as well. Since then no attempts by the NFAARP has been filed to overturn the use of Sanonajibae in a discriminatory manner yet many believe the NFAARP has infiltrated the US govt and other top political positions around the world in an attempt for a coup d'etat to take down international economy and send the world in to a spiraling depression. Where cats control every aspect of human life in a totalitarian fashion and build massive temples upon the sweat blood and tears of millions of slave laborers.
"You want Phirrie Brunt?"

"Hariacho! No you Sanonajibae!"

" Whats new pussy cat wooow wooow woow woow "
by Untrue Facts November 21, 2012
-A word to describe the peoples of Asia 's uncanny negotiating skills that are acquired from birth. (These skills are mostly used to solve algebraic equations). Unfortunately these skills cannot be used in any other instance that doesn't involve mathematics. Asian negotiators were let go for they could not seem to discern which direction they should be facing on account of their terrible eyesight.
-In one case, Chinese negotiator, Dong Soo Kim, who was very skilled in Asian Persuasion, had a record breaking 542 failed negotiations. Due mostly because he could not effectively fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

-Asian Persuasion can be used against one's self as with the case that one convinced themselves that turning into oncoming traffic is a good idea and will benefit both insurance policy holders and the progress of modern arithmetic and rice production.
by Untrue Facts November 21, 2012

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