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3 definitions by UnseenXS

UnseenXS is the alias of the greatest person ever. He is very awesome and his name has been abreviated into a few terms such as x2Ds and uxs. UnseenXS is also the creator of XS Stylez.
Wow UnseenXS m4j0r 0wnz j00!!!
by UnseenXS December 16, 2004
20 10
XS Stylez - Related to UnseenXS. To have the XS Stylez means you are da madness and very x2Ds.
The hoe down the corner had the XS Stylez going ;)
by UnseenXS December 16, 2004
3 1
See UnseenXS is another alias of his. Has come to mean awesomeness.
The bitch last night was da x2Ds!
by UnseenXS December 16, 2004
1 1