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Hahahah. This site is so stupid. I originally found out about it through an argument with my friend about whether or not Seanbaby sold himself out by putting adds on his site. At first I didn't bother visiting Suicide Girls, over the feeling that a site called "Suicide Girls" was just a site dedicated to girls who attempt (and fail) at suicide and then exploit their failures to get some attention. Oh, how wrong I was! It wasn't that at all! In fact, it was actually a site dedicated to girls who claim to be non-conformists but then they cover themselves in tattoos, piercings, and makeup and pose in retarded way to get some attention! Wowee. How wrong I was!
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Seriously! How many fucking piercings can you fit in your head before you say "Hmm. Maybe I am going too far"? But WAIT! THEN they go even farther by piercing their tits and other areas not thought possible. How original.
Point is, there doesn't seem to be anything suicidal about this site. I could be wrong, however, because I only went in the site for a few minutes before getting bored, but what I saw is no suicidal tendencies (which, judging by the title of the site, you would assume to be included), unless, of course, they are suicidal because the tattoo parlour they visit doesn't wash its needles, which would give them AIDS.
Hey look its Suicide Girls! Oh wow. Her tits are pierced. Next one. Oh wait, her tits are pierced too? Hmm. So are hers! I don't see how this makes them any more sexy. Some girls are fat, some have the names of men, and some wear too much makeup. I wonder what is on the Adult TV channel this late?
by Unpierced, Untattooed, Unexposed October 28, 2005

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