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A very severe case of mental retardation, with side effects like Romnesia.

Symptoms include flip-flopping, and babbling about binders full of women when he is so retarded he forgets he doesn't have any.
Oh my god! Mitt Romney's Romnesia is so severe, he has Romtardation! We must install a Romney chip on our nuclear missiles so we can recall them when he flip-flops! That is, if he becomes president!
by Unorthodox Dude October 29, 2012
The nickname male video gamers give to a female after she rips them all apart with a 20 kill streak.
killergurl killed Shooter92 - MELEE

Killergurl killed 007 - HEADSHOT

Killergurl killed ViRuS - HAND TO HAND

*DEAD* Shooter92 : Aw man I got pwned!

*DEAD* 007 : By a girlie!

*DEAD* ViRuS : Noobess!

killergurl : STFU pussies. U men r coward.

*SPECTATOR*Unorthodox Dude : *Facepalm*
by Unorthodox Dude November 02, 2012
Someone that eats only junk food, and in very large portions.
Oh my god! That guy ate 10 tubs of ice cream, 20 gallons of slurpee and 50 pounds of nachos for a meal. He has this for every meal. He must be a junkovore!
by Unorthodox Dude October 29, 2012
An autobiography of Mitt Romney.

But since it is so large, it is currently converted to Binders of Lies, containing 5330 separate binders in total.
A : Grunt!

B : What are you doing ?

A : Working out to get to fxxk C.

B : Huh?

A : I'm trying to bench the Encyclopedia of Lies. Can't move it an inch.

*Thought*B : Dumb Jock. C is already in Mitten's binder.
by Unorthodox Dude November 02, 2012

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