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A situation so awful that you will end up screaming the word fuck multiple times. The term cluster fuck simply is a proper noun for said situation.
Guy 1:Hey man not only did we have to pay 50 dollars an eighth for this weed but it was really shitty and we had to drive the dude all over hell and creation.

Guy2: Yeah man that whole situation is such a cluster fuck
by UnknownMan4411 January 18, 2010
A great island right outside of New York City which even contains two of the Boroughs of NYC (Queens and Brooklyn) I was born in queens then moved to south shore of Nassau County. Everyone on here is right when they say you go to school and realize what a great place it is. I currently live in Pennsylvania, and have yet to come across some good appropriately priced food, flat terrain to walk on instead of hills everywhere, warmer winters, cooler summers, decent educated not ignorant people and more. It is a great place to live with having the greatest city in the world practically in your backyard. When you visit or live here then you can judge for yourself. Yeah we are all spoiled, self righteous, and enjoy good culture and cuisine, all you people from elsewhere can sue us for it. Also a place to get some of the best weed ever for some decent prices.
PA College Student from PA: So man where are you from? I am from the great town of Stroudsburg PA.

PA College Student from LI: Oh wow that sucks I am from Long Island which is right outside of New York City, greatest place ever.
by UnknownMan4411 February 10, 2010

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