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Probably the most beautiful girl ever.....

She may look mysterious but always has an amazing personality, isn't a slut unlike other girls, sexy and cute at the same time, Brunette, has the most angelic and sexy voice, the most innocent, mysterious, wide brown eyes that'll make your heart skip a beat.

She has the most exotic, smooth and the most silky hair running down her shoulders, delicate rosy red lips that make you feel wild over her and a cute little nose to top it all up.

She is always cheerful and optimistic about life, always makes you laugh, even if some of her jokes aren't funny, you can't help but laugh at them. She also has the most prettiest smile that warms up your heart.

She's a girl who you'd always hug or cuddle with, even when times are rough. And always knows how to have fun when the time is right.

Guy 1: Whoa, who's that fit bird?!?!?

Guy 2:Hannah.

Guy 1:FUCK!!! She's cute and sexy at the same time!!

Guy 2:She sure is!!

Guy 1:I guess I'll say HI to her.

Guy 2:Good luck man. Remember, it's a Hannah, just be yourself and she's all yours mate.
by Unknown991 November 03, 2012

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