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Founded in 1865 by Nathan Bedford Forrest who was a civil war vetrean.T he Ku Klux Klan became known as the "Invisible Empire" as it continued to grow at an astounding rate. A second Klan was founded in 1915 as a patriotic, Protestant fraternal society. This new Klan directed its activity against, not just blacks, but any group it considered un-American, including any immigrants, Jews, and Roman Catholics, by the mid 20s this Klan had a member base of well over 2million members. By the year of 1944 the clan had lost popularity agin causing its downfall. Sameuel Green revived the clan in late 1946 the loss of their Grand Wizard Sameuel Green caused dissary amoung the clan causing there dispersment amoung socity. To this day the Klan belives in nearly the same moral values, although their activity has decreased they are still existant, they most used motto is "KKK we were the origal Boys N' the Hood" refering to the attacks they used in the early 1900s agenst African Americans. Currently the KKK is known also as 33/6, this comes from K being the 11th letter in the alphabet, and 11x3 =33, and the 6 means its in the 6th generation. The robe commonly refered to as "Ghostie" is derived from robes worn in ancient Europn rituals, although in the early days of the Klan it was used to hide the members idenity now it is strictly ceromonial. The lighting of the cross or more commonly as most say burning is not the defication of the cross but it shows "the light of jesus".
ME:This is just to be know im am in no way involved with the actions of the ku klux klan nor do I condone any affilation with them.
by Unknown11 April 11, 2006

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