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another byword for the statement Holy shit , What the fuck , what the hey , holy crap ,oh my gulay , or many other expressions that are said in the state of shock, disbelief , stupefied and opprobrious.
Holy Crappers!! That hairy ape that teaches music with itchy bum has 5 toes no wait 7!!
by Unknown foreigner July 10, 2008
1 A confuzzling group words mushed together to make a powerful word called UNITY.
2 A jumble of words that take the majority of people a long period of time to understand/get it.
3 The words of a person who got tea in their eye and they are perplexed because they do not know why.
1 While I was walking down the street I saw a guy iwth a shirt that said "You In Eye Tea Why" I think he was some kind of hippie or something.
2 WTF does You In Eye Tea Why mean?? Holy crappers this is driving me nucking futs!!!
3 ....It's self explanitory ^...........
by Unknown Foreigner June 28, 2008

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