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chillin, laying back

abbreviated verson of 'relaxing'
Hey ma, what you doing?

Nothing man, just laxin
by unknown June 10, 2004
Hand Release, hand relief...also known as Hand Job
She performed a HR to bring me off.
by unknown November 30, 2003
A hot indie english band... FROM ENGLAND!!

P.S the fool who wrote the first definiton said something about 2 of the member being "homogays". dargh! pete is dating Kate Moss and Carl has a girlfriend *rolls eyes*
DAMN! the libertines are so hot right now
by unknown February 27, 2005
A small book containins names and numbers of various chicks, often possesed by large white dudes
hey wanna be in my chicktionary
by unknown May 08, 2003
Someone who lately escaped from a mental hospital and is on the loose, so, this could mean danger to anyone who comes across him. Physical danger or mental danger. Even sexual danger...

The Veegie breed also tend to be obsessed with the lame cartoon, Dragonball Z.
Oh my god, it's a Veegie. And...he...he hasn't got any clothes on! Oh my god!!! *dies*
by Unknown August 23, 2004
A rocker of many socks
I wish I was as cool as Keeta.
by Unknown August 17, 2003
mutants with supernatural powers, often despised by humans
wolverine, cyclops, storm
by unknown May 05, 2003
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