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means a fine ass gurl with a big ass and she is sexy!
shenika has the biggest ass.
by unknown November 25, 2003
A vicious super villan on the 90's spiderman series. He is a phychopath who can turn his arms into bladed weapons using his alien symbiote suit.
Carnage will cut you up real nice
by Unknown July 09, 2004
Where two or more guys have sex with a girl at the same time.
We are going to run the train on Jenny tonight.
by unknown February 04, 2004
asshole, extremely irritating personallity
usko bat samajh nahin ati, wo barra chootiya hay
yeh kaya harkat ki hay chootiyay
by unknown June 24, 2003
noun: A person who exhibits the admirable traits of a savage, for instance being able to kill a cheeta with one's bear hands or aliing a twenty stair.

O shit! The motherfucker is a sav.
by Unknown November 08, 2003
great college team
by unknown October 07, 2003
a standardized test in Mass that you need to pass to graduate, may be recognized with the feeling of being so bored you want to stick your #2 pencils in your nostrils and pretend to be a walrus
B:....I have the mcas tomorrow
A: Hmmmm... i see your piont
by unknown April 06, 2005

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