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when a male bends over a moves rapidly back and forth and positions his cock between his legs, looking similar to a dogs nut sac.
by unknown June 06, 2003
to sprog on a chicks face after gettin head off her
Eat it bitch, take the cumshot to the face
by unknown June 09, 2004
Adolf Hitler's Birthday, April 20, 1889. Mistakenly used as another for pot.
by Unknown November 02, 2003
A guy who cant face someone face to face but can lie and lie untill he looks cool but he wears long socks SILVER shorts a windbreaker with a long tee under it and sandales on. he jerks off with his hose dreaming of a blonde who fell for him than caight on and dumped his ass a guy who jerks off in his indian room filed with a matress and a desk. Saya hes got Krome but shares a car with his sister dad and mom. Says his cousin is his brother. thats what a Shivam is
haha there are to many to list ( middel finger shadows through the window.)
by unknown November 11, 2003
A Shi*ty island in the f*uckin* middle of fuc*in* nowhere apart from that its a rather nice place 2 live :S
by Unknown October 26, 2003
Taking a small problem that is not your own and making it your problem. Then spreading the problem that is not yours to your fellow asian.
Damn PCE
by unknown March 20, 2003
Sidwell (middle school)
a school full of punk ass bicthes who have lot all there virginity by 13. They are all whores or are persucuted by bicthes. The faculty doesn't care about the students and they have pictures of them drunk and having sex on the web. There are few exceptions to this definition.
Jokingly: "I'm sexualy frustrated"
Sidwell girl: "I can fix that"

Nice Sidwell Girl: "I am being loaded up with too much homework and being teased."

Teacher: "Then leave this school."

Those my friends are real life comments!
by Unknown April 07, 2005
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