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Addictive shit.
I quit weed after I met Clodhoppers.
by unknown October 18, 2003
A symbolthat is considered dark by goths, and symbolizes the essencence of pure life to Ancient Egyptians.
"THe Ankh symbolizes life...?"
by Unknown April 27, 2003
the weirdo twins in "A Series of Unfortunate Events" that claim they are triplets, but everyone knows they are sex crazed fuckwits!
the two associates of Count Olaf stuffed the stupid Quagmires in a cage at the bottom of an elevator shaft.
by unknown October 17, 2003
1.) n. a group of socially inept losers who spend a majority of their time practicing for a senseless cause. see "waste of time".
2.) n. a marching band whose members are oblivious to the fact that they're retarded.

note: only those in the band care about the band. everyone else has realized NO ONE CARES ABOUT HALF-TIME SHOWS OR WHAT THE BAND WINS OR DOESN'T WIN AT A COMPETITION.
"HAHA! You're in the Superchiefs!"

"Why does that kid's varsity jacket say 'Superchiefs'? It's not a sport..?"
by unknown December 07, 2003
Lemonade mixed with a little ice Tea. Popular with important celebrities.
"I'll have an Arnold Palmer."

by Unknown March 04, 2005
A great nation that was once a superpower in the world. After their defeat in WW2, they quickly became one of the world best economies, ranking second in the world; US being the first. Now the most highly technologically advanced society.
by unknown September 10, 2003
Or Leaside Ent. A rap record label. Str8 outta L-Side ghetto. Canada home of the hardest ghettos around. 20bagz,Johnny Crack,Pye Dogg,Bone,Heve C,Ghost,Norcotics. www.LSideEnt.com
L Side Ent is gangsta
by unknown February 02, 2005

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