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Go up to the look up box and type in bun bun to get the definition of what a bun bun is.
Bun buns and bun bun?
by Unknown May 26, 2004
A gangsta who has never engaged in sexual intercourse.
Yo V-unit do you even know what a naked chick looks like?
by unknown November 22, 2003
aizaz's PERFECT match!
aizaz and sundus!
by unknown June 15, 2004
the act of many homosexual men when they stand in a row with there penises in each others assholes.
Aaron and Matt had a linkage party today.
by unknown March 13, 2003
A symbolthat is considered dark by goths, and symbolizes the essencence of pure life to Ancient Egyptians.
"THe Ankh symbolizes life...?"
by Unknown April 27, 2003
someone who never has a hair out of place e.c.t isn't usually a boring person.
justin t, duncan from blue.
by unknown December 15, 2003
Addictive shit.
I quit weed after I met Clodhoppers.
by unknown October 18, 2003

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