398 definitions by Unknown

a shaven hair cut
i think guys with crew cuts look gay
by unknown September 06, 2003
Getting on someone's nerves, irratating someone.
These people really are really chaps my ass.
by Unknown February 18, 2005
a girl with her heads in the clouds, who is still in love with james
caz wake up!!!!
by unknown May 14, 2004
Fresh meat, when refering to a female of the freshman college level class, a new person to add to the list on a party nite to try to meat
by unknown October 08, 2003
peking was once a city of great corean empire
by unknown September 06, 2003
The term used to mean Ritalin when sold on the streets.
Man you got the R-ball>?
by unknown March 15, 2005
Go up to the look up box and type in bun bun to get the definition of what a bun bun is.
Bun buns and bun bun?
by Unknown May 26, 2004

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