398 definitions by Unknown

A male reproductive organ
by Unknown March 29, 2003
kill, get rid of
I want to hace Chase.
by unknown December 27, 2002
its like being called Shrew, only worse
somebody just called you a name or tried to make fun of you , you say in response Okay Dom , that person will then shut up and never bother you again
by unknown March 23, 2005
peking was once a city of great corean empire
by unknown September 06, 2003
The term used to mean Ritalin when sold on the streets.
Man you got the R-ball>?
by unknown March 15, 2005
Getting on someone's nerves, irratating someone.
These people really are really chaps my ass.
by Unknown February 18, 2005
1. a group of people who like to dance around to britney spear's toxic
2. a gang of EVIL people
3. a cool crayon
duuude! i wanna be in The Zone!
by unknown November 12, 2004
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