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1)Online "community" (read: clubhouse) where select members can exact their own self important agendas while treating new users/those they see as beneath them like trash. Somehoe this is seen as amusing to those on the giving end.

2) The act of making yourself look important while stepping all over others

See also: Joke, laughing stock, waste of webspace.
"Dude, I totally TCOed him"
by unknown June 08, 2004
Saddam is a mother-fucker!
by unknown August 11, 2003
Pastiche: the stain resulting from the combination of sperm and blood from a woman's period!
Quick, turn over the couch cushion, we have to hide the pastiche from my parents!
by Unknown July 24, 2003
the turd that always returns no matter how many times you flush...
The phantom turd would not flush no matter how hard I tried.
by unknown November 11, 2003
To be the ultimate pimp. A true porn star guru!
Dude, your SO Bi-PolarGod.
by unknown June 01, 2003
A toy used to create sexual pleasure with only one person. It can aid one's quest in masturbation and can look like anything from a dildoed dick to a gorilla's finger. Fuck puppets can also be used to practice having sex with, so when the time comes, your a pro.
Lynda always uses her fuck puppet since no guy will fuck her themselves.
by Unknown February 15, 2004
Someone who does everything sexual to a guy.
Winnie is a chicken head.
by UNKNOWN June 07, 2003
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