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to make ur boobs look better
omg she looks so damn fine she must be wearing a push up bra!
by Unknown August 16, 2003
To engage in the act of sexual intersourse, can follow the other bases but doen't have to
I scored a home run with that bitch
by unknown April 03, 2004
sexiest guy alive... yes sireee
i lvoe bryson my sexy boyfriend
by unknown October 02, 2004
A airport larger than New York's Manhattan Island located in the middle of the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex mess.

Also shorthand for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
You have to stop over at DFW on your way to Los Angeles.
I live in the DFW area.
by Unknown October 07, 2004
Mexican Beer
i'm going to buy some tecate for my friend
by unknown December 09, 2003
A small town, also known as "Eldersburg"; located in southern Carroll County, Maryland. With nothing to do, high schoolers from the area spend time hanging out at the local Denny's or T-Bell (Taco Bell). "Parking lot hopping" is also a frequent activity on the weekends by teenagers in the area.
Person one: Hey, what's going on in E-burg tonight?
Person two: Nothing. Let's get high then go talk to Ali at Denny's.
by Unknown March 24, 2005

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