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one of the greatest generes of music out there, composed of a very talented band and unblieveable lyircs
led zeppelin, pink floyd, elp, dire straits, zz top, the doors, black sabbath, kansas, deep purple
by unknown July 29, 2003
Romina means amazing.
She is so Romina.
by unknown January 20, 2004
alcoholic beverage consumed to ease a hangover (from saying "hair of the dog that bit you")
by unknown November 05, 2003
a person you only have sex with.
"Hey girl whats going on, who is that guy with you?"

"Who him? Oh he's my cut buddy"
by Unknown December 30, 2003
a woman that fucks behind her partners back with numerous men, with no feeling what so ever for the people she is hurting.
you are nothin but a fuckin slag claire.i hope you catch syphilis because it will probably make your stinking gash smell better
by unknown December 11, 2003
Very cute. A perfect, nice, and good looking girl.
That girl is so ZANA!
by unknown January 03, 2005
1.A classic in Mony Python humor. Can be bought for a very cheap price.
2.E-Mails or posts on message boards that were either pointlessly made by an annoying person, or made to annoy that were made by an annoying person. Or a link to a computer virus.
Vikings:(singing and chanting)Spam, spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam,(etc.)...
by Unknown April 27, 2003

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