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University of Caucasians Losing out to Asians. It's so sad that UCLA students think that they can vicariously experience pride through their Nobel laureates. It makes no sense because you UCLA students aren’t actually the ones who discovered or made break through advances in science or academia. Just because UCLA managed to “acquire” these elite individuals, doesn’t mean their loftiness rubs off on you guys. Stop trying to vicariously feel pride in something you didn’t achieve, or in other words don’t ride others’ coattails. I don’t care that UCLA had a longer tradition of academic excellence over USC, because this will reverse with time, and trend has already begun. We actually have the means to acquire the top researchers and professors, because we can offer them what they’re worth, unlike your public institution (that greatly emphasizes far-left Socialist ideals) in trying to make them “altruistic scholars” who donate their good will to your lame institution. No, your administration has got it wrong—we live in a Capitalist society—and they (your researchers and professors) want to get paid what they’re worth. This is why there is a mass exodus of UCLA and Berkeley’s faculty. I hope you Bruins enjoy reminiscing about the “good ol’ days” of when UCLA was academically and on occasion athletically superior to USC.

Some of you make claims that UCLA students got accepted to USC as well huh? But why is it that a lot of international students, who got accepted to both, chose USC over UCLA? They get no financial aid, and they have to pay several thousand dollars more per year as a USC student. I thought it was foolish to spend more on an academically inferior school? And what about that bonehead who wrote a definition of USC, claiming to have audited a class at USC, but said that it was “community college” level? I thought UCLA students were smarter than to spend $4,000+ on our “community college” classes? And if you did actually take it, why'd you audit it? What, was the curve too lofty for you? You didn't take it, and that was a lame attempt at labeling our academics "community college" level.

You guys aren’t some “quasi-Ivy League” like some of you meatheads imply. The UC system is nowhere near Ivy Leagues, just in its shadows at best.

Finally, look at all the negative energy UCLA students muster up to deride USC on this site. What a bunch of pathetic, small-minded people who know that their luster is dulled by us Trojans.
UCLA student #1: Dude, did you see that Ferrari rolling through here to get to the multimillion dollar neighborhoods that surround our campus?

UCLA student #2: Yeah, it had USC alumni plates attached to it! Next thing you know, they'll tear down our campus so that a runway can be built for the Gulstream jets that USC alumni will ride in. I wonder if they make big enough alumni plates to those as well?
by University of Social Connections September 23, 2007

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