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When a male is holding one of his arms out like a fag.
Has his elbow bent at a roughly 90 degree angle.
Elbow at the side of the body.
Forearm is held out, in front of the body.
The hand is held loose, as if carrying an invisible purse.

Similar to a fag flop
bob: joe, look at timmy's fag hand in this picture
joe: haha what a fag

timmy: like, hey, stop making fun of me,
by UnitedStatesSwimming911 April 27, 2008
to barn means that you are a barnacle... on the hull of whomever you are barning. actually just creeper style.

a bunch of guys following, stalking, or annoying a really hot girl

all the guys barnfest leesa like she is the last girl on the planet!
by UnitedStatesSwimming911 April 28, 2008

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