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Someone who cant point where China is on the world map

Someone who cant name all 5 members of the UN Security Coucil

Someone who cant name all G20 members

Someone from a country that makes the best movies in the world.

Someone who loves spending tons of money on cheap fake products imported from China that imitates their own country's product

Someone who redefines individualism and takes it to the next level

Someone from a country with the hottest chicks in the world but somehow settles for lesser chicks in some poor third world countries

Someone who shares the same birthplace as Miley Cyrus
German: Guten Tag, ich heisse Schmitz.
American: .... Wassup!
German: Wie heissen Sie?
American: .... err, wassup?

American: Where are you from?
Indonesian: Im from Indonesia
American: Oh. Where is that?
Indonesian: You know Bali?

American: YEAH. So Indonesia is like in Bali?
Indonesian: -_-" No. Bali is in Indonesia.

Indian: Name a country that starts with 'A'
AMerican: America!

Indian: Im from Asia
American: No youre not. you dont look asian

American: THe Capital city of Asia is China

At "Global Young Leaders" Conference in New York, 2007
American: SO how do you connect to the outside world? Do you have the internet? Do you know what internet is?
Do you live in mudhuts?
Indonesian: Oh so thats what you call the thing you connect to from my blackberry.

American: Whats a blackberry?
Indonesian: Its like an iPhone but better
American: REALLY? do they have it in the mall? Do you know what a mall is?
Annoyed Indonesian: Yes. WE have more malls in Jakarta than the entire state of california
AMerican: Where is Jakarta
Annoyed Indonesian: *turns and walk towards the british*
by United States and America December 15, 2010

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