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Oh, yeah! It was about damn time someone said the truth! I agree with Lobito Triste on this one folks. The Americans have a huge misconception about Puerto Ricans. They think we are like Fat Joe, or Jlo and those Newyorkricans. Puertoricans are a nice breed of people that are way more different than those ppl you see on the streets saying stuff like YO! WhAD UP DAWG? In order to understand what a puertorican is you must visit the island or meet people that actually came from the island. There's a difference between newyorkricans and Puerto Ricans (newyorkricans is how people from the island call those puerto ricans that were born and raised on the U.S. regardless of where they are) And like Lobito Triste said there are is an increasing number of Headbangers and skaters on the island. (It's rare to find that kind of puertoricans on the U.S. and I happen to be one of them thank you very much.)

Not all of us listen to reggaeton and talk with that urban accent. We can speak both spanish and English properly. I just want to say that we are a race that we have a little bit of white, indian and black blood in our veins and that's what makes us so diverse.
Not all Puerto Ricans are ghetto, that's exactly what gives the puerto ricans such a bad name. :D
by Unique human55 August 31, 2005
The group of people in your school that everyone praises and kiss their rear ends. The people that end up being the biggest losers on Earth. ( you know which popular group I'm talking about).They end flipping burgers for the geeks they used to mock on their high school days.

Yeah, popular is also something well known in a negative or a positive way. It's something hip and famous for a while, that's why they are not a classic. :)
1) Here's an example of being popular:
Jock: dude, look at me I'm dating the hottest chicks on school. Hey get out of my way you geek.
Cheerleader: Yea, lyke totally get out of ma way biatch, you big losa. I wanna hang out with ma fine hunk (kisses the boy and makes fun of the geeks, goths, etc.)
12 years later.....
Former Geek: Hey, what are u doing here? Man, You have gotten fat and ugly. And please flip those burgers faster I'm not paying you to be a slacker.

2) Good Charlotte, Rap music is a good example of this.
by Unique human55 August 31, 2005
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