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A beautiful campus, but it's everybody's second choice. Maybe it's not a "new ivy" but it sure as hell is a hidden gem. People here love to party and dance. Security is lax, and waves as people walk by holding alcohol. We are preppy and everybody has something designer. From shoes to purses, to sunglasses: armani and coach aren't in short supply. The guys here are crazy and pretty sketchy, almost every frat is known for roofying girls. The sororities are full of cocaine and all the girls are blonde and beautiful. We are the real thing, we are better than orange county because everyone is old money here. Fuck your beaches and surfing, we've got Galas and heritage. We hate the town we live in because it's trashy and rundown...it used to be amazing before everything fell to hell. This school has been here forever and it's not going anywhere, so get used to it.
You're wearing sweatpants and you're at Union College? (What a trashy whore)
by Uniongirl September 17, 2006

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