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A term used when a said individual says something, then you immediately say that. Similar to 'cool story bro'; constant banter.

-A Strong put down.


All right Bayly, don't bum me.
Male1: "I've got tickets to the pantomime!"

Male2: "Don't bum me Bayly"

Male1: "Lets go to the cinema this weekend."

Male2: "All right Bayly, don't bum me."
by Unhappyclown December 13, 2011
The act of having sex.
Boy1: Can we do some shopping tonight?
Girl1: Yeah sure, you won't be able to shop for a week.

Boy1: Man, I did so much shopping last week.
Boy2: I haven't shopped for a week.

Girl1: I shop around a lot.
Girl2: You go girl!
by Unhappyclown April 22, 2011
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