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An alternate way of saying "bye". It can be used especially when you need to leave quickly or circumstances call for it. Literally, it means "bye to you", a more direct salutation than just saying "bye".
charles: i play world of warcraft
alex: bai2u
by Ung June 30, 2006
Someone who screws things up because he or she has no clue of what is going on or how to work any equipment. This term comes from a 1970's TV show where a race of fur-covered human-like monkey men live in a land forgotten by time. In the show a family gets stranded in the far away land and makes friends with the smallest member of the monkey men race whose name is, you guessed it, Chaka. Chaka's name suits him well since he looks like a little piece of caca with his light brown matted fur and permanent bed-head. Chaka's buck toothed constantly confused looking face and whiny high-pitched voice don't help any as he constantly repeats what he's told and turns it into a question. Time and time again Chaka messes things up, breaks equipment, ruins plans, and behaves like a little wild man. When Chaka's around all you hear is, "Chaka no!" or, "Awe Chaka did it again!" or, "Dad, Chaka destroyed my '_______', he just grabbed it and threw it off of the cliff!", etc.. etc..
1) Hey Matt, grab the net! The fish is almost, AWE what the...? Way to go Chaka!!!

2) While Chaka scaled the 30 ft gate we opened it and went in.

3) Hey Chaka, that's not a sink that's a urinal.. CHAKA no that's not soap thats the urinal cake.. CHAKA GET OUT OF THE URINAL!!
by ung June 10, 2013

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