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Canada’s History is a bold and unsurpassed when it comes to upholding dignity and honour. During Canadas infancy the newly joined colonies of the United States attempted a takeover of what was then Upper Canada. Canada brought an end to the temper tantrum of its spoiled infantile brother to the south, by lighting a match and setting the American white house ablaze, while stating “Don’t Tread On Me....Bitch!"

Not to be confused with the deviant sexual act “Canada’s History” performed south of the Canadian border, which includes the use of Hockey sticks dipped in Maple syrup, moose antlers and the unwilling participation of an American Bald Eagle. It has been said that this sexual act was made popular by the famous television personality known as Stephen Colbert. Pronounced (Coal-Bert) provided you’re not an effeminate male from the Carolinas.

When you look at Canada’s History with the United States you can easily understand why participants of this sexual act would name the act “Canada’s History” Given the royal ass beating they recieved from Upper Canada.
Said the American Bald Eagle, "Canada's History?, My ass!"
To which Colbert feverishly replied, " Exactly!!"
Not to be outdone the moose chimed in "SUCK IT STEPHEN!"
by Uneeec February 05, 2010
An individual who eagerly has the sexually deprived act known as “Canada’s History” performed on them.
Says a husband to his wife, "can I be the "Stephen Colbert" tonight?

Wife replies, Sure honey, let me go get the hockey stick, maple syrop, stanley cup replica, and some bacon, while you go out to the shed and get Bruce the Moose and bring him to our boudoir. And make sure Bruce's antlers are filed down, Remember what happend to you last time.

Husband responds, Don't remind me. Were still paying the Dr bill.
by Uneeec February 05, 2010

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