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Iben is a girl, said to be conceived on heavenly turf in a gang bang among the stars themselves. While gang bangs are often regarded as perverted, the beauty of Iben could not have been conceived by a sex-act between only two or three stars.

It is told that Iben do not walk, but floats, and that her beauty cannot be captured without the use of that certain glowing effect which surrounded actresses in old films in black and white. While all of this is mainly speculations, current studies shows an increase of 50 percent beauty and 100 percent happiness amongst people who spend time with an Iben, and furthermore a 7 percent increase in confusion levels probably due to the other sudden changes.

So Iben might seem like an angels name. However, everything comes as a cost. Parents, who want to name their child has to make a pact with the devil, causing them to lose any kind of common sense.
Because of the names magical signifance, it's often used figuratively. Ex: Watching five students attending a wet t-shirt contest:
"They look like they're having a real Iben."

"Don't worry, mate. You'll meet an Iben, too."

"I guess you named your daughter Iben..."
by Undertonen April 05, 2010

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