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to fool, as in "who's zoomin', who's foolin', who's zoomin', who's foolin' who?"
"who's zoomin' who?" - Arethra Franklin
by Underdog February 23, 2005
1. The element that adds the suffix -ness to any word that wouldn't normally contain the suffix, usually making the word more uber cool than before.

2. What makes the world go round, what you cannot forget, what keeps world peace. The world's state of war is the result of everyone having forgotten the Nessness.
1. Shut the freakness up.

2. You can't forget the Nessness.
by Underdog November 26, 2004
pl. n. - those (Skillet fans) who come to three or four shows traveling up to 10 hours, bringing skillets, banners, writing on their cars, and so forth.
Maaka and I are panheads with dunce hats!
by Underdog January 21, 2005
(noun) something or someone that sucks, does badly at something, or a target of an insults. A type of l33t, or net talk.
1)Skuk mah mallz!

2)j00 r teh skuks.
by underdog July 23, 2004

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