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The result occuring a day or so after smoking spice (such as K2) in which you experience slight memory loss and feel rather stupid for the whole day. Experts believe this is just a mental paranoia experience that can lead you to think you have something wrong with your brain.
Johnny- Fuck, I forgot about that homework, dude!
Tom- Probably cause of that K2 you smoked the other day.
Johnny- I think my brain is messed up dude!
Tom- You have massive Mush-Brain!
Johnny- Fuck Mush-Brain.
by UndercoverStoner February 01, 2011
The event in which you have to be a chaperon to any girl even planning to get stoned at some point.
Bob: "Hey dude, I got high with amber the other day."
Joe: "Nice bro, was it fun?"
Bob: "You know how it is with chicks, I was babysitting her the whole time."
by UndercoverStoner February 20, 2011

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