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A college class that will make you insane in one of two ways:

1) You do not get the material, try to learn it by memorizing everything, and wind up feeling like you are running while tied to the back of a fast moving pickup truck. Your grades suck and you go crazy trying to improve them. Or you just give up and get depressed.

2) You figure out that organic chemistry must be learned like a language, and start to gain fluency in it. You understand pKa's, what nucleophiles are best, and all the fun stuff you can do with a C=O bond. Worse still, you probably enjoy it, and may even wish to include organic chemistry in your career. Thus, you are crazy.
1) Some innocent premed took organic chemistry just to fill a requirement. She barely survived and doesn't want to talk about it. However, she's now a perfectly normal nurse.

2) A woman I knew was an English major until she took organic chemistry. She liked it and turned renegade, and went to get her PhD in organic. By the time I met her, four years into grad school, she was my ochem lab TA and could play Grace from Avatar without makeup. She now teaches organic chemistry at a community college near you...Beware!
#chemistry #o-chem #cult #insanity #foreign language
by Uncloseted Nerd November 08, 2010
Practically an inland sea between Wisconsin and Michigan, and a great place to go to the beach in the summer. It's quite cool, and you won't chap from salt water like you will in the ocean. Practically the whole Michigan shore is a beach, and lots of it is inexpensive public beaches and state parks.

However, Lake Michigan is not a place to go swimming during any season other than summer, because it will be too cold.
My family goes to Lake Michigan nearly every summer for a week, and it's one of my favorite family vacations.
#great lakes #cold #beach #michigan #wisconsin
by Uncloseted Nerd December 08, 2010
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