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The period of time from when you turn your Mobile Phone, radio, TV and Laptop off and try to avoid all forms of Media before you manage to get home and watch the Sports game you recorded earlier in the day.
Richard "Hey, Charlie Bruv... Media Lockdown on Wednesday for the England game i'm recording?"

Charlie "AAAAH FACK YEH!!!"
by Unclerico1979 June 17, 2010
This happens when your friend tells you he is in desperate need of a turn out and all of a sudden you get who envy and your bum piece starts fluctuating, you immediately think 'where is the nearest toilet?'
Also known as
Bum Yawn Syndrome
Barry "okay leave me alone now I am in desperate need of a poo"
Richard "oh god I've got poo envy now"
by UncleRico1979 September 20, 2014

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