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2 definitions by Uncle Wally

Oriental food. Derives from the Korean War-era term "gook," used to describe Korean natives ("ha-gook," see Gook). Since the word became somewhat confused during the Viet Nam era, being used to describe most all Asian, peoples, "gook noodles" can refer to any kind of oriental food from Chinese buffet to sushi, fancy dining to delivery. Also a good blanket term for late-night grub.
Lewis: Man, I'm starving.

Wally: Word. I could really go for some gook noodles about now.
by Uncle Wally September 27, 2006
Somalians and/or Somalian immigrants. Derives from the fact that Somalia is famous for starvation, poverty, etc.
-Who's rollin in that Metro with "Somalia" across the windshield?

Oh, that's the skinny down the street.
by Uncle Wally September 27, 2006