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When you get that god awful rumble in your stomach and a cold sweat forms hinting the idea that a gastrointestinal catastrophe of epic proportions is upon you, you grab your mobile cellular device and quickly sit down as the turd tea evacuates from your ass. Feeling the relief that you made it without having shit running down your leg you decide to open up face book on said cellular device and start posting to peoples pages....whether you tell them the exhilaration of what just transpired or just a simple, "hey what’s going on for tonight?" You have just engaged in "poop posting"
Steve (to mikes facebook page): Yo bro, you need to see this massive mud pile, I shouldn't have had all that bud light and hot wings

Mike: Where the hell are you?

Steve: On the shitter!

Mike: Dude you were just poop posting my fucking page...nice!
by Uncle Timmy September 29, 2009
When you check your facebook page and a facebook whore has posted on every status, link, picture or wall post. Essentially it's when a person feels it necessary to post on everything you say b/c they are either bored and have no life or they have access to facebook via a mobile device and are not paying attention to the road while driving or not working when getting paid to....
God damn it! This bitch has postfucked my facebook page. She has to comment on everything within seconds of me adding a comment!
by Uncle Timmy September 25, 2009

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