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Slang for marijuana laced with PCP.
Damn son, I just smoked some matrix.
by Uncle Stoner February 10, 2003
High-grade marijuana. Usually very potent. Accompanied by orange hair's and white crystal's. Rarely will you find seeds. K.B.
Yo man I got some kind bud, go to the store and cop a dutch.
by Uncle Stoner February 10, 2003
1. A homosexual web-surfer; a gay man.
2. Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.
3. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.
4. Caucasion with an extreme desire and obsession with being African American.

Syn: Merry; gleeful; wigger; blithe; airy; lively; sprightly, sportive; light-hearted; frolicsome; wanna-be; jolly; jovial; joyous; joyful; pussy; glad; showy; splendid; vivacious

adj : sexually attracted to members of your own sex
I'm not racist, I just hate BBK.
by Uncle Stoner February 11, 2003

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