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1 definition by Uncle Sherm

A small car built by FoMoCo in the early 60s often mis-characterized as a "muscle car". Originally marketed to teenage drivers not interested in performance, but didn't want to drive their father's land yacht, either. Being the 60s, though, performance tuners such as Carrol Shelby made small cars go fast and so a tiny handful of "High Performance" Mustangs from the 60s do exist. However, even a factory Boss 429 ranks alongside a more common Pontiac GTO of the same year in terms of performance, but cost more than twice as much, and is now so rare that if you see one, it is likely parked behind a rope in a museum. Ford built cars to perform on the track, not the street.

Thanks to its lack of performance, however, it managed to survive the 70s that killed off so many of its muscle car cousins and struggled back to its former glory in the 1980s when 302s were considered big, powerful engines. Thanks to advances in technology and lower performance standards, Mustangs are considered to be the standard bearer of the glory days of Detroit Muscle, spawning other ugly retro-designed cars such as the new Camaro and Challenger.
"That guy's got a '65 Mustang. He must be a real stud!"
"Not really, my mom drove one of those in high school."

"What is that, a 302 in your Mustang? How cute!"
by Uncle Sherm October 15, 2009