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A celebratory gesture to celebrate success or just an exclamation of joy of some sort. Acknowledgment of accomplishment. Football players yell this for instance when they sack a quarterback or make a big play and hold both of their hands backwards up close to their ears.
Me: "Yo what did you do tonight?"

Friend: "Me and DougyFresh just eiffel towered the shit out of that smeaze."

Me: "YIE YIE!!!"
by Uncle Sexy April 04, 2009
a salutations of sorts, similar to ay papi
Andrew: "whoa i haven't seen you in ages!!"
Peter: "ayo papi!!!"
by Uncle Sexy May 10, 2010
a cheater, one who does whatever he can take to win an athletic game, regardless of rules
ed martin is a prime example of a michigan man
by Uncle Sexy April 07, 2009
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