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3 definitions by Uncle Ruckus

upgraded fancy talk form of deez nuts
Person 1: A man you see that game on tv yesterday?
Person 2: You see deez dastardly nuts on your face yesterday?
Person 1: You didnt have to get all fancy....
Person 2: You didnt have to suck deez dastardly nuts!
by Uncle Ruckus December 13, 2005
8 3
1.The gayafied version of ok
2.What a fag calls a boy who bops to much, kinda like the equailvalent to a bopper
3.What the gay car on the cartoon stroker and hoop says a lot
Example 1
Gay Person1:Hey lets go see a movie tonight
Gay Person2:Bipatybopaty!

Example 2
Gay Person1:Give me back my dildo
Gay Person2:Shut up! Bipatybopaty!

Example 3
by Uncle Ruckus December 15, 2005
3 4
Also known as bowl-cut, a very out of date hair style that should only be work by young boys; but occasionally is worn by very unattractive females.
I was coaxed into going to homecoming with this girl, Sam, and it seemed alright, until i noticed she had the worst bowl-cut ever. Now her internationally known name will be 'bowl.'
by Uncle Ruckus February 18, 2006
41 104