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2 definitions by Uncle R Chase

When you defecate into the toilet and stand to inspect your masterpiece and nothing is there, at most you may find a skid mark. This is do to your turd falling directly into the toilet hole never to be seen again.

Taylor: Dude I've been taking a shit for the past 10 minutes and when I stood up to look at how big it was nothing was there. It was so weird.

Chase: No bro it just poodinied on you, shit happens too me all the time.
by Uncle R Chase November 10, 2008
That feeling you get when you look at your bank account balance and realize you have no money left. To make matters worse you don't get paid for 1-2 weeks and therefor have to stretch the last of your cash. Regardless of the amount it is always referred to as stretchin' ten.
Chase: Yo Tanner you wanna hit sandbar later or maybe just grab a 30 and chill?

Tanner: No bro, I am stretchin ten right now, probably just going to chill till next week when I get paid.
by Uncle R Chase August 15, 2010