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4 definitions by Uncle Phil

A slacker. lazy ass. Poor judgement. Always refers to a male.
Hey, you dick loaf's get off your lazy ass and cook some dinner.
by uncle phil December 29, 2004
9 9
a dirrty-ass skank, similar to a binner
shazza: Hmm i need some new clothes, lets go to poundland
gazza: you shop at poundland? binbag.
by Uncle Phil May 03, 2004
5 6
1) something thats just downright dirrty and disgusting
2) a dirrty minging ho
1) ewwwww thats rank, totally fuckin ming ho
2) you shagged *her*?!?! but shes a ming ho!!!

and so on and so forth...
by Uncle Phil July 19, 2003
1 5
exclamation to show ones delight at someone elses misfortune. useful when someone sips over, or has some other comedy accident.
"beth just fell on her arse in front of everyone - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"
by Uncle Phil July 19, 2003
29 43