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Another great gangster movie directed by Guy Ritchie. Not gangster-gangsta movie, but gangsta-hahafunny movie.

Also, the only known movie to feature a guy getting beaten to death with a 15 inch black dildo. Seriously.
"Well, suffice to say, he got pissed.
"Well what happened?"
"He picked up the closest physical object he could get his hands on, which just happened to be a 15 inch black cock, and proceeded to beat the unlucky bastard to death with it. Certainly not the best way to go."
by Uncle Pablo January 17, 2004
An...entertaining movie about an attorney and a writer (Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp) and them basically in a giant drug binge w/ every drug you can think of (except weed).
"Did you just eat all this acid?"

"That's right. MUSIC! Put that tape BACK IN! MUSIC! BACK ON! (Intellible)"
by Uncle Pablo January 17, 2004

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