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Getting something free of charge. Police lingo for free.
Dunkin Donuts girl: That will be $1.56 for that coffee officer.

Police Officer: You must be new here. This ones on the arm.
by Uncle Dewey November 29, 2005
When a guy is fooling around with a chick and his unit is rock hard and leaks a little seman out.
I was making out with this hot chick last night and I was hard as a rock. It was awesome but I ended up with a little pre-spoo in my boxer shorts.
by Uncle Dewey November 17, 2005
An unknown sexual act performed by a man or a woman which includes the use of the left hand.
My girlfriend gave me a left handed Spaniard last night. Not sure exactly what it was or what she did but it was great.
by Uncle Dewey June 13, 2008
Slang term for a black person from the musical "Hair".
Yo, he just called that black guy a swamp guinea.
by Uncle Dewey November 17, 2005
Masterbating while auto erotic asphyxiating (hanging) yourself while spying another couple having sex.
While laying pipe with my girlfriend I saw my buddy doing a Major Andre while watching us from outside the window.
by Uncle Dewey June 13, 2008
When you are working on overtime and not straight time.
Employee #1 : Man, I can't believe I got to work eight hours today.

Employee #2 : It don't bother me cause I'm on the big clock.
by Uncle Dewey December 05, 2006
When three men touch their penis heads a.k.a. crowns together. Usually occurs after numerous beers. Not gay. Much like wenis buddy.
There hasn't been a triple crown winner in baseball for many years but me, Rich and Alex pulled off the triple crown last night at the bar.
by Uncle Dewey December 05, 2005

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