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4 definitions by Uncle Delmus

An annual event that runs the week of July 4th in a small, town in Stanley, Virginia. The event features a parade, music shows, and rides put up by carnies. Some of the people from remote areas, known as hollers, only get out once a year for the Stanley Homecoming. There are usually fight, confederate flags, and plenty of sluts walking around with bad hair and big tits.
I remember one year at Stanley Homecoming that Lester beat the fuck out of two Mexicans for staring at his easter hog girlfiend.
by Uncle Delmus August 14, 2010
One who has a very large Penis, A Male Human who has an exceptionally large Cock, Not only long in length but also has massive girth.
I would hate for that bull dick Albert to get a hold of my old lady, he would split her in half.
by Uncle Delmus August 14, 2010
Virginia holler slang for some rival fat bitch, often used for relatives or in-laws.
That hog jaw bitch better not come by here or I'll knock her ass into Jenny Craig!
by Uncle Delmus August 14, 2010
A particular style of penis that is short, yet very thick in girth.
I don't want to see Jeremy again, he had a cubbage cock the size of a eggplant that almost split me in half. It was like giving birth.
by Uncle Delmus August 14, 2010